The legendary Footballer and the Father of sport the late commissioner Yidenkachew Tessema.

One of Ethiopia’s priceless Son who is seen second front in the image was born in Jimma region in the year 1921. And moved to Addis around “Doro Mankiya” when he was just 4 years old.
His father Negadrese Tessema Eshety who was also the legendary poet , a well-respected modern business man who has done a great deal of contribution to help the newly printed Ethiopian currency to successfully circulate through the market, in the early part of the 1930th.
Ato Yidenekachew (1921-1987) was not only a gifted footballer, also an extraordinary figure who left behind an extraordinary contribution in the sport .
He was an activist who stood firmly protesting to prevent south Africa from participating at any kind of worldly organized sports because of its apartheid administration and the illegally imprisonment of Nelson Mandela.
He fought tirelessly to make the sport equally and peacefully shared event without discrimination. His dedicated participation in the noble cause, has sought him to earn an outstanding reputation and all kind of awards from a number of organizations.