Is he making history ???

Indeed, it is confirmed that Professor Birhanu Nega has stood mighty tall before the European union officials in Brussels and gave a speech regarding the current situations in Ethiopia.

……. I stand here before you humbly …. The highly educated man spoke to the house and followed by a loud applaud.

He never appeared to be a terrorist at all, like he was accused of by those who bitterly disagreed with his view some time ago. …He is a well educated gentleman …… “Periódicos Españoles” an European Spanish speaking news journal reported it.

“መረጃ” a certain two faces social media news page formerly announced the badly illness of the professor caused by food poisoning soon after he arrived in Eritrea a few months ago,

However in this case, the well appearance of the professor seemed to reduce the news to a fabricated lie.

Please make no mistake, Neither I am a fan of the professor nor yours.

Eduardo Byrono's photo.