Obama’s visit to Ethiopia!!!
I have seen some of us being surprised by president Obama’s decision to visit Ethiopia soon. Of course, we all should surprise to see someone whose rhetoric is hope, justice and democracy all of the sudden chosen to intermingle with the most notorious tyrants and tribal war lords.
Of course, American has a history of supporting the most notorious dictators around the world, arming as well as financing them to terrorize and slaughter their citizens.
Obama’s decision is not new, as American foreign policy is designed to advance American interest no matter what the cost would be, and putting puppet government who would serve their interest.
Democracy, justice, human rights are specious words have been used by British colonialists in the past, by Americans today to conceal their ultimate interest of exploiting their target country or society.
Since president Obama was groomed by corporate America to renew the damaged face of America by Bush administration, he would not do any different, but advance the interest of corporate America.
We should not misled by his color, but he is the same as any American president who is there to keep American interest. Even he is more dangerous than others as he is using his color to mislead poor blacks.
Anyhow, we should not expect anything from any country or people, but it is our own duty to fight for our right and freedom.
Obama is visiting Ethiopia should not change our stand, as his purpose to visit America is not to benefit Ethiopian people, but to show gratitude to TPLF for sending Ethiopians to die in Somalia.
TPLF has done a great favor to Americans for fighting their war and save the life of Americans, by putting the poor Ethiopians in danger.
Americans want from TPLF is nothing, but to do their job as the house Negros would do to his/her masters.
Anyhow, if America is a vanguard of democracy, justice and human right as they are trying to depict themselves, they would have treated their black citizens humanely and protected them form police brutality.
The hypocrisy of America and blatant arrogance and accusing others as violating human right while it keeps almost half of young black citizens behind bars.
Even president Obama would not care to protect those who voted for him with hopping to see justice.
Anyhow, president Obama and Susan Rice would have got some credit if they were working toward improving the life of blacks in America instead of supporting the most ruthless tyrants and war lords of Ethiopia.
At least those poor blacks who voted for him and put him in a white house with hoping to see future justice would not feel betrayed by one of them.

Abel Joseph's photo.